4 Reasons to Contract your Salesforce Project

Staffing for your Salesforce Project

For even a small company, implementing and maintaining a Salesforce instance will require the help of certified professionals. With an increased demand for Salesforce professionals and the wide range of technical knowledge needed for many projects, consider these reasons to contract your Salesforce work.

Save Time and Money

The hourly rate of a Salesforce consultant may seem high when compared to a FTE, but after healthcare, paid vacation, sick pay, and 401k match – it is likely you will realize a substantial cost savings contracting at an hourly rate instead. Many consultants will provide their own resources, including software licenses, cell phones and laptops – substantially reducing the cost and time of an on-boarding. A Salesforce contractor will also provide for their own educational development, including maintaining certifications. During tax season employers also can avoid the headaches since they do not have to worry about employee withholdings. In most cases consultants can take a simple 1099.

Quickly Scale Resources

The scope and demands of your project can change drastically in a matter of days, requiring an increase in resources or a specialized, high demand skill set. Working with contracted professionals allows you to quickly scale up or down when needed. Salesforce consultants usually have certain areas of specialization such as APEX development, creating responsive lightning applications, or implementing and maintaining a CPQ implementation – just to name a few. Most staffing firms have a network they can quickly call on when needed. After a project is completed, scaling down is as simple as deciding to do so, without the hassle of dealing with typical off-boarding processes.

Technical expertise 

Hiring a full-time employee requires a considerable level of research, candidate hunting and vetting. Other than a resume and a few interviews, it is difficult to verify expertise, competency level, all while considering if the candidate is a cultural fit. This puts a strain on employers and candidates.  On the other hand, a specialized staffing firm’s competency can be measured by the talent they have readily available.

Look for a staffing firm that provides customers with Salesforce certified and highly trained subject matter experts. These firms are able to offer Salesforce resources with the business experience required to fit in and make sure the project stays on task. When it comes to working on and completing projects, contractors are battle tested – they have worked on a variety of implementations, developed and tailored complex solutions, designed around multiple use cases, and have encountered all the exceptions and ‘gotchas’ along the way.

These specialized Contractors are aware of ‘best practices’ when it comes to Salesforce solutions and are familiar with the design principles to ensure your solution is scalable for future initiatives. Since the majority of C-Level Executives rank a Salesforce project’s implementation time as their number one concern (Bluewolf, the State of Salesforce), and the best companies are aligning Salesforce to prioritize new initiatives based on both impact and time-to-value, bringing in specialized Salesforce resources with hands on experience is a critical component of a project’s success


Contractors are used to working whatever hours are needed to get the job done. They often work with significant time constraints and have a history of delivering successful projects under pressure. A full-time employee may have a few opportunities to prove themselves but a contractor knows they can easily be replaced if they do not perform.Salesforce is a powerful tool. However, like any tool, its effectiveness starts and ends with the craftsman using it. Contracting a Salesforce professional can ensure the best craftsman for the job.

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