How to Build the Best E-Commerce Platform in 2020

(Avoid these Common Pitfalls)

E-Commerce platforms are growing in popularity. Continuing developments in global health have reduced the ability for customers to connect with businesses in the traditional way. With more and more customers making purchases online, a B2B E-Commerce platform is not a luxury but an expectation. 

3 Big Benefits of an E-Commerce Platform

1. Increase Revenue and Customer Loyalty

E-Commerce platforms such as Shopfiy, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and Wix allow customers to make purchases 24/7. By establishing a robust online presence, you enable your customers to do business on their terms.

If customers want to place an order at midnight while binge watching their favorite Netflix show, they now can with an E-Commerce platform. No more missing out on deals because it’s “after hours” – your E-Commerce platform has you covered. It’s a win for you and your customers! 

In addition, you are enabling customers to access their invoice history, pay bills, and log support cases in minutes. Help customers by improving their self-service options to get what they need when they need it.

2. Gain New Customers

A digital commerce presence brings in new customers who are curious to learn more about your offerings. Generating more leads to feed your sales team will build new enthusiasm and excitement among sales reps.

Referrals, referrals, referrals! A powerful, easy to use, self-service online presence will have your customers singing your praises to all who will listen. Optimize your online presence to become one of your strongest value propositions.

3. Grow Sales Pipeline & Supercharge Your Sales Team

Since E-Commerce leads have the highest probability of closing, you’ll see productivity increase dramatically across the sales floor.  Watch your sales team hit numbers you didn’t think were possible as they close HOT leads generated by your online presence. At their core, sales reps just want to do one thing… SELL. With a B2B Commerce platform, you free up their time to focus on fresh leads and their existing pipeline.


3 Big Reasons E-Commerce Solutions Fail

      1. Lack of Executive Engagement

      2. Poor Planning

      3. Limited Customer Feedback

The majority of problems arise prior to taking your E-Commerce Platform live, so plan, plan, plan.. and plan some more!

Multiple teams and customers providing feedback prior to launching is crucial for success once you’re up and running. If you‘re receiving new ideas and areas for improvement AFTER your E-Commerce site is live, you’re in trouble.



Having B2B E-Commerce experts available pre-launch will save you more time and money in the long run. Stumbling out of the E-Commerce gate will be a blow to your company’s reputation (and your wallet). Don’t let that happen. 

Due to the high stakes of implementing a B2B E-Commerce platform, companies may benefit from collaborating with experienced consultants to plan accordingly. Pinkus Partners has a blend of highly skilled B2B Commerce Consultants to help a company’s B2B E-Commerce initiatives succeed. 

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